It gives me great pleasure to present the Coogee Primary School Annual Report for 2018. This is the final annual report under the school’s current Strategic Plan (2015 - 2017). This Annual School Report captures the first year of the improvement agenda begun in 2018.

This Annual Report provides the community and the Executive, Western Australian Department of Educa-tion, with important information about the achievements of our school and the analysis and interroga-tion of data that will inform continual improvement. Copies of the report will be made available to:

The school community

School Council members

The Department of Education (DoE)

The Annual Report is a requirement of the DoE but more importantly provides an essential mechanism for us to address our governance and accountability responsibilities. This report has been signed by the Principal and the Chairperson of the School Council to acknowledge that this is a true and accurate account of the schools opera-tions in 2018, and that this reports meets all State and Commonwealth Government requirements for school an-nual reporting. This report is designed to provide key information and reflections on the performance of Coogee Primary School in 2018. This report identifies the school’s progress and areas to be addressed, resulting in recom-mendations for the 2019 school year.

As the new principal in 2018 at Coogee Primary School, I am proud of our staffs’ commitment to our improve-ment agenda and I look forward to continuing this work. We relish the opportunity to work closely with the school community throughout 2019, our 125th Anniversary, to refine pedagogies, and provide high quality edu-cation to ensure student progress is consistently high. I thank all of our staff for their commitment to our school and all parents and community members for helping the school in 2018.


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