Coogee Primary – Our Passion

To ensure we establish Coogee Primary as an outstanding school

We want to challenge and engage our students within a safe, supportive and welcoming environment,
which caters for the individual needs of all.

To make every student a successful student

We strive to ensure all students leave our school well prepared for their future. Our aim is for every student to
be equipped to prosper and be happy and secure in themselves, capable of contributing to their community
and our broader society.

To have excellent teaching in every classroom

We want our teachers and support staff to take responsibility for the results that our students achieve and
to provide essential support to ensure every student works towards their potential.

To provide necessary support to our staff

We want our teachers and support staff to feel confident in their knowledge and ability to carry out their roles. Creating a culture that supports innovation, enthusiasm and commitment to our students is fundamental.

To embed meaningful accountability practices

We hold ourselves accountable for the results we achieve. We want teachers to be accountable for the
progress of their students and the school to be accountable for its performance.

To instil new levels of confidence in our school

We want parents to trust us with the education of their children, and to know that the ‘Coogee Way’ be
culturally responsive and will ensure a fi rst class education for their children. We want our school to be
recognised in the wider community as well led with the best interest of our students and parents put first.


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