LOTE Coogee Primary School


 “The limits of my language are the limits of my world”.

Ludwig Wittgenstein (German Philosopher 1921)


Learning any language broadens a student’s horizons and contributes to developing a nuanced way of viewing the world. Understanding and empathy, much needed skills, are cultivated within the matrix of learning and mastering another language.  Students are exposed to worldviews and histories differing from their own, thereby challenging them to magnanimity towards others, as well as, developing an appreciation for their own culture and its history.


The LOTE program at Coogee Primary School is based around three main principles: -

  • Whole School Themes
  • Rich Cultural Content
  • Highly motivational activities

Whole school themes, whilst taught at different levels give all students a common language base, which enables them to understand and enjoy presentations, performances or special activities and events. As culture is embedded within language, each unit of work will integrate unique and authentic aspects of culture to give students a knowledge and positive orientation towards Indonesia and other Malaysian/Indonesian speaking countries. The metric for all activities are enjoyment, active involvement and the opportunity to practise their language skills in simulated, semi authentic settings.

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