Science Coogee Primary School


Science provides an empirical way of answering interesting and important questions about the biological, physical and technological world.

It is a dynamic, collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to make sense of our world through exploring the unknown, investigating universal mysteries, making predictions and solving problems.

Above all, we aim to make practical science a fun, fascinating and hands-on experience for our students, which instils in them a love and appreciation of the world.

At Coogee Primary School, the Science program is comprised of 3 strands, each of which is taught explicitly and assessed rigorously:

1. Science Understanding

There are four main sub-strands of Scientific Understanding, the focus for a particular term:

  • Biological Sciences (the study of living things, great and small)
  • Chemical Sciences (the chemical and physical properties and behaviours of substances)
  • Physical Sciences (understanding the nature of forces and motion, and matter and energy)
  • Earth and Space Sciences (Earth's dynamic structure and its place in the cosmos.

2. Science as a Human Endeavour

Students at Coogee Primary are encouraged to actively consider how we as humans seek to improve our understanding and explanations of the natural world. Science involves the construction of explanations based on evidence and science knowledge can be changed as new evidence becomes available. We study how research can influence our responses to social and ethical questions. Science has a major role in shaping decision-making and problem-solving in our world.

There are two sub-strands of Science as a Human Endeavour. These are:

Nature and development of science: This sub-strand develops an appreciation of the unique nature of science and scientific knowledge, including how current knowledge has developed over time through the actions of many people.

Use and influence of science: This sub-strand explores how science knowledge and applications affect peoples' lives, including their work, and how science is influenced by society and can be used to inform decisions and actions.

3. Science Inquiry Skills

Students at Coogee Primary School are immersed in Science inquiry. This process involves identifying and posing questions; planning, conducting and reflecting on investigations; processing, analysing and interpreting evidence; and communicating findings. This strand is concerned with evaluating claims, investigating ideas, solving problems, drawing valid conclusions and developing evidence-based arguments.

We conduct regular investigations in which ideas, predictions or hypotheses are tested and conclusions are drawn in response to a question or problem. Investigations can involve a range of activities, including experimental testing, field work, locating and using information sources, conducting surveys, and using modelling and simulations.

Science Coogee Primary School
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